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Daily Obs 2.28.22

Thank God it is monday. Today I can say I made it to the 4am club, the Reverse way. It is either waking up at 4am or going to bed at 4am. I still took the kids to school at 830am. Last night I finished editing one of my music videos so I was excited to put that out. Yesterday I also recorded a couple verses, mixed some records and put out some youtube videos in addition to my daily responsibilities. Today we have to finish packing stuff up because we are making moves. I am just excited and motivated everyday to get better at my craft, build business, and raise my family. I feel more comfortable in my workspace and I am just in beast mode but I don't feel like it's beastmode like before. Let me try to explain, so before I was purposely in beastmode and I felt it. This time around I am in the mode but it just seems like a standard to me now. It seems like it is what I naturally do. I'm at a good pace but I want to take it up a notch as I always do. I am just proud of myself for continuing my journey. I'm not going to lie. I was in a rut a few months ago because the weight of being a father hit me and ruined my daily flow and rhythm. However I got back into it and now back back in rhythm. I guess I can compare it to snowboarding. When I go on a different trail I have to learn the new terrain so I may stumble a bit because of not anticipating the terrain. However, when I go on the same run a few times, I start knowing the land and navigate accordingly and the ride is much smoother. That is what I am feeling that I'm doing now. Speaking of, I wanna go snowboarding but we have a lot of work to finish up so we gotta handle all that stuff. I have some office work I have to get to as well that I am doing my best to get to. Well, after the content that I am putting out. I am the most prolific. I like that title. The Goat. The Best to ever do it. Whatever it is. I am just doing my best and documenting the whole process and that is it. I love life and I love progressing and moving forward. If we gon think might as well think BIG and positively. Okay the time is up. Love yall!!

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