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Daily Observation 2.26.22

Daily Observations 2.26.22

What Up what up. Mic check 1 2 what is this. Finally getting to do my daily verse and my daily observation in my studio. I was doing it on the go this past week because we were going snowboarding. So it feels good to be able to work with all my tools at my disposal. Today's daily verse was pretty good because I used some production equipment to make it sound doper, but that's all boring stuff. I had a revelation on things. I think that is the word, but I just wanna be the best I can be and do dope work.. I am an artist, true and true. I am a creator and I was put here to create and build. The things I am building next are going to be incredible. After this I gotta do a little bit of office work then create more content. I want to shoot a video and some youtube videos. I realize that I have everything I need to build and building is what I am doing. What should I create next? We will just let it all flow. Yesterday we went to our kids open house at their school and I am just so proud of my kids. They go to a Montessori and I just love the style of learning. To me it is amazing what my kids are learning and how quickly they are learning. It always makes me happy to hear them playing around the house. It is great to be able to work on what I need to work on then go hang with them for a bit then go back to work. I love this. I want to keep on growing. I was watching something by an artist earlier today. He kinda motivated me on how to do what I need to do. It was basically him doing stuff around his home. How he takes pride in his home. I like that. I was also watching some videos about how the world is constantly changing so that advantage is learning quickly and fast to adapt. I feel I demonstrate that. THe video was saying it takes what used to be a 4 year degree in school to learn it in 4 weeks self taught. I feel that is accurate. The things I am learning I am learning at that speed. I guess I say that to say that anything is possible. I am nobody special. I just work at what I am working on. That is all. I'm not that naturally talented. I just work hard and learn. So I'm here and working on my live show. Man, I am gonna have the dopest live show. That is definitely my next thing is performing live and really mastering that. I am a studio killa fa show and the work shows. Now it's time to take my creativity to the next realm. Times up. Love yall!

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