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Daily Observation 2.27.22

Daily Obs 2.27.22

Back at the new office location. We have been rearranging new things and I’m excited on what the future holds. I also want to make sure I capitalize on the present moment and don’t waste anything. On the drive here it was kinda weird because it is Sunday and there is no football. I guess when we get so accustomed to sports betting it becomes a norm but it is good to recalibrate. Plus we still have hockey, nba, and baseball is coming up. All year long baby. Always gonna be involved in it. Growing up my life was revolved around sports anyways so it makes sense. Being able to do what I enjoy doing is always a blessing. So today is Sunday and I am lowkey excited for Monday. Monday is the day I can really go get the biz stuff organized and seeing what plays to come up with and what not. I am happy that the flow is gettin back into order the way it’s supposed to be. We are consistently building and we have always been consistent in our progress so I have to look forward to that. I re watched some interviews with Birdman from cash money. It took him 7years of running cash money independently before signing that historic distribution deal with universal. I respect that type of hustle. I really study and learn from the moguls before me. They don’t have to tell me things I just pick up on things and apply it. It has worked out pretty good for me so far. As I was on this journey I knew it was going to be a lonely road. I also knew I wanted to have a family. So I knew I had to make certain moves to acquire the stuff I feel is important. I remember watching Eric Thomas and he was saying something about working hard. Not just working hard at “work” but I’m all aspects of your life. Working hard to keep your family together, to stay healthy, as well as getting money. That really made sense to be. I could be the most successful business person but if I’m un healthy emotionally and physically then what’s the point. I am very open to ideas but then also at the same time cautious from bad ideas. I have to constantly evaluate situations. That’s what it is though. I am just being completely transparent! Times up . Love y’all . Happy Sunday

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