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Daily Observation 3.2.22

awww man here it is another daily observation. What did I observe? hmmm. I'm thinking that the next way to level is by association. Level up the environment. LEvel up the network. That's probably the fastest level up aint it. That is the focus. Also the focus is the music and the entertainment company or media company whatever it is we are pushing the brand of chris cash and cashavelli music and i love it. SO i just dropped the daily verse and I'm not gonna front and say this one was easy. I'm adding a few little production things to it to get it just a little bit better each time so it took awhile but it's all a process of building. We also shot tons of youtube content yesterday. After I get done with this I am going to buss down that footage and we shot a podcast to get that rolling. THe content king is back and at it. Now that I'm here kinda sitting down and being able to think I just realize I have to upload the weekly song. The last song we did did about 1k and we are consistently building. I have to plan out a video for it to.. I'll shoot something. Yay i just got excited because I have tons of content to put out to push this brand forward and that is what I am doing. I love gettin numbers and runnin it up. Speaking of, I am back on my sports shit too. I went 7-2 the last 2 days and am looking to continue that run. I have a good card today and am excited to play them. What a great flow. I got a couple hours before I have to go pick up the kids from school. OMG. They walk in like little people. I love them so much. They are growing so fast. OKay okay VLOGS vlogs I have to document that. Well, I have some footage. I am gonna go through my memory card and go through all the content because I'm sure that will inspire me to shoot more. I love my new workspace and command center. I have everything I need. anyways. I also have some dope collabs I gotta cook up. All very exciting stuff. I'm just moving in my lane at my pace and doing the best I do and that's what it is. Lemme see what else. I think I got a good amount of stuff to work on. Friday is a big picture friday. TOday is grind time, put out content and put out dope shit I guess. SHoot content. What's a new word for content. I don't like saying that. work? dope? haha Imma say dope. Gotta work on more dope dope is content. or content is dope. ah ha see thats why i do this to have my ideas flow. Content is dope. That's it. should that be a song or an album or project i don't know but content is dope! time up

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