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Daily Observation 3.3.22

What up what up. I'm here again back on the grind. Today we have a few more things to move in the on location office. It takes time to make moves and I am excited about the next chapters of this journey. I feel I'm getting closer and closer to the goal. Step by step I am making it happen. Yesterday, I was faced with some push back I guess you call it. It is the same type of energy I would receive on my radio rise. When I was cool with everyone and nobody had anything to say about me I was not rising in the industry. It is also the same type of energy I received as I was building my business as a club promoter. I am used to that type of energy. I've been an underdog my whole life. So to me it is somewhat of motivation. I want to say something else. I just am not sure how to say it. I guess it is like when you compete in basketball. It isn't supposed to be easy right? It has to have some kind of challenge. I guess what it did was really set the tone. I guess it is the fork in the road. It is like are you gonna do this or not? It is pretty much an all or nothing thing now. I am already set in my mind what I want to do and how I am going to do it. That decision has already been made. I am very conscious of what I am doing and aware of the factors and all the elements. I've been in this game a long time. I've seen the success stories and the people who failed. I am very aware of all this. The path that I am choosing to go on is a path that nobody like me has walked and I feel that is why it is so appealing to me. I want to do new things. I want to cover ground that nobody like me has. I KNOW I can do it. At Least I want to find out if I can or not. I will do what I can to climb this mountain. My mind has been made up. On my way back home from taking the kids to school I was looking at the mountains on the way home and it had some kind of effect on me. It was a majestic and magical effect. I think I know the connection. It is a reminder that there is this mountain I have to climb. I can do it if I diligently work hard at it day by day. Step by step. rock by rock. eventually I will reach the top. I will do that. That may be the reason it captivated me this morning. Lets climb these mountains yall. Times Up. Love yall

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