Daily Observations

The second day in a row doing these daily observations!! Yessir!! It’s all about momentum and practicing successful routines. I was reading some book about creativity and doing the 10min writing a day really does wonders to your creativity. Plus I want to start writing movie scripts and tv sitcoms so this is great practice. Well anyways, the things I observe is we need to have sufficient amount of sleep to perform at a high level. I was going off no sleep yesterday and I was not at a high performance level. I was there and still handle business but my reaction time and pro active time was not up to par. It’s okay though. We learn and get better. I am excited because the next few days are big days and a lot of work to be handled and I am always up for a challenge. I really never was the one to back down from a challenge so now it’s time to get it. We are diligently building our Tv show and our media company. The people I work with are very talented and that helps. I want to continue to grow the team with talented people that provide the best synergy for the team and the whole movement. We are all making these moves and growing. You already know how we do things and we will do these things to the beat of our ability. It feels good slowly getting back into my success routine. I can instantly feel it. I’m not going to lie and say I’m always on point but I strive to be. Shit I really do rep this VegasLife so we be gettin LIT all the time. It just come with the territory and the lifestyle. I know what that is. However it’s all about balance. Being able to balance the different worlds is essential. So you know that no matter what my heart is in the right place. I thank god for blessing me. I do everything I can to better myself each day. I do everything to protect and provide for my family and I work and serve my community by providing my god given talents. I’m just figuring it out I guess. 10mins up.. did much better flow this time round.

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