Daily Observations

Daily Observations

3rd Day in a row doing this. I feel a lot better today. More rested and balanced. I'm in the Cashavelli Office right now looking at the Las Vegas Strip. There is a session going on in the studio. There is a listening session going on in the conference room. We have to set up for our show tomorrow. We also are planning to shoot a music video tonight. We are busy as usual. It feels good to be consistently working on our craft and business. Last night we had a great taping of our show. Our guest was amazing and dropped some good insight. The flow was good. I'm just excited to keep on building and doing what I love to do. It's about that time again to start putting together the collection of songs we have and adding the final touches to them and start making visuals. I really enjoy making videos. I enjoy being in them and I enjoy producing them as well. I can honestly say I love creating content. You know as long as its dope content. I just make what I like. The things that I would watch I want to create. I want to start writing movies and TV shows and stuff like that. I am gonna dig deeper in writing amazing stories. Another thing I like to see is motivation and inspiration. When I'm surrounded by good energy it really makes everything worthwhile. It's a little different writing this later in the day oppose to first thing in the morning but I don't want to break the chain and I want to keep it going. It really helps me articulate my thoughts and just being able to express myself is what this is for. I notice we all have choices we make every day. Make a call or don't. Send a message or don't. Finish a project or don't. Show up or not. I am truly blessed and grateful that god has guided me this far. Really whenever I feel overwhelmed or stress I have faith that God a bigger plan for me. He always has. Every since I can remember. What is the next play? That's why I'm here to figure it out. Making big decisions. Doing amazing things. You already know what it is. So I am going to plan the next video and the next releases. That is it. Well 10 min is up. Time to figure out the next songs to release and videos to produce.

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