• Chris Cash

Daily Observations 10.06.2020

Spent all day in the Office and all night in the studio. Handled a lot of biz and got 2 records mixed and mastered. I enjoy creating art. I enjoy writing. I enjoy performing. I even enjoy documenting the journey. What I think is amazing is that we can think of something and then that something can actually materialize. Take a second to think about that. It is truly amazing. What else can I say? I've just been working hard and think about the next plays. Business is the hardest sport there is. I feel it is fulfilling and exciting for a person like me. What would you call someone like me? I am what I say I am. I am a hustla. I am an entrepreneur. I am a rapper. I am a public speaker. I am whatever I choose to create. Well anyways I am here typing and getting ready for the next day. We have to finish up the Fast Pass Music Video by filming the B-Roll Storyline scenes. I'm actually excited to do this because we are leveling up our production value in our videos and that is always a good feeling when we progress. I am excited to start chopping up that video. I do enjoy making visuals and music. Damn, I think I am thinking way too much. This 10min writing exercise seems like it is going on forever and I barely wrote anything. I think it's because I'm tired. So I think I am going to take a quick nap and start the day fresh. I have to check out a radio station tomorrow and do more networking as well. Ok times up.

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