Daily Observations 10.08.2020

Been Grinding and I love it. We've been keeping busy lately building up this company and creating tons of content. We've been having meetings and it has helped organized the stuff we need to do. I find it more productive when we create systems and structure within what we do. It allows us to work better. The difference with running a business is that we have to create the systems. When you go work for somebody there are systems in place and then you just follow them. This is a chance for us to be more creative. Yesterday's mug talk was really dope. We had a producer that produced for 2pac, E-40, and a lot of other legends. One thing that stuck out was that when he was in it he was just grinding. He didnt know the people he was around was about to do what he did. He also said it is about consistent and never giving up. I feel that is us. That is Cashavelli Music. We are going to grind and figure it out. We are going to keep at it and strive to be the best. That is what we have been doing and that is what we will continue to do. I love the vibe of creativity and doing dope stuff. I always what to challenge the status quo and make things better. Do amazing and exciting things. The Fast Pass video we are working on is taking a bit longer to put together but I love it because we are leveling up our production and we will continue to do that. I want to start creating movies and TV shows. I also notice that everything we do seems to have a influence on a lot of different things. I love the feeling I get when I create something amazing. It seems like I'm always pressed to keep creating because I feel we are only he for a limited time and we have to make the best use of our time. I think that is going to be me till the end and I am cool with that. There is always going to be something to do and something to get into. Today is group session. I'm excited to get back into rapper mode and start creating more music. Also I want to become better at all aspects of life. Mind, Body, and Soul right? Well lets get to it. I see us as the new renaissance where we have so many dope artist and thinkers in one place that we feed off each other and the synergy becomes something truly historic. times up

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