Daily Observations 10.12.2020

Thank God its Monday. I love monday's because its the start of me working on the business. I like the schedule that we have. Monday is back at it grind time mode. Sunday is family chill time. Rest and come back ready to work. There is a lot of things going on this week. We will be implementing a new social media marketing tactic moving in a more organized fashion. Yesterday we chopped up the T.O.P. Music video and it is looking dope!! We still have to Put out the FAST PASS song and Music Video so I am excited about that. We also have to shoot the COLD CASE video tomorrow which is gonna be dope. We are also gonna put out the Cold Case single as well. I have a little EP ready to go with just me and its dope. Time to plan more videos and more content to create. Gotta shoo this weeks Yo! Cashavelli and keep growing the business. I notice it is all about flow and creativity within a business. Also, I feel open mindfulness is very important. I usually breakdown things into plays. Like oh we made that play. That was good. Oh we missed that play we gotta pick it up on the next one. I love paralleling business with sports. It just makes so much more sense to me. Plus I've been playing sports my whole life so it really is internalized with the metaphor. Sports is just entertainment and what we do is entertainment so i feel it all makes sense. I'm in business mode right now so ready to make the next plays and really go hard. I am excited to start shooting more movie type content and pushing that. It is going to be fun. This week is going to be very productive and we are going to handle a lot of business and really make things pop off. We are going to keep on building and structuring things to keep on progressing and doing dope stuff. So we are on that grind and i love it. I love a challenge and doing dope stuff. So the formula is very simple. CREATE AMAZING CONTENT. PROMOTE IT ON THE INTERNET/PHONE. GO OUT AND CREATE EVENTS. Boom That easy. Just like my 10mins of writing. I'm OUT

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