Daily Observations 10.13.2020

Im Just here sitting in the office thinking of the next play so I figured I do one of these to get my juices flowing. Get some momentum going. Today was a good day. Shot another successful music video. The start of the day started off horrible because I had a major tooth ache that was hurting like a MF that I had to pop hella ibiprofen to get it to calm down. Hella pain. But I fought through it and went on to the video shoot. The video shoot was dope. It was like a chill end of summer pool party type vibe. I just like adding visuals to the music. We do different levels of production and all of it is good. All of it is getting our reps in and getting the music heard. I'm thinking that we gotta switch gears and do heavier promotions or something. I dont know all I know is that we are creating tons and tons of content and that is a win in itself so we will keep on doing that and keep on grinding until something pops. It is all about the journey. The challenge of doing something challenging. As I am writing this I feel a little tired just from the grinding and possibly the sun cuz it was hot today. I am excited to keep on making dope stuff and keep on building the team. What else can I talk about? What do I feel like talking about? I lowkey just want to play NBA 2k and smoke and do nothing. Just for a little bit to relax cause I feel my brain is thinking too hard. It's all good. We gonna figure it out. I got this new project I should put out. I just need that play. I need that motivation or inspiration to do something. What is it? What will it be. Oh I can start putting together this Fast Pass Video. We have hella group songs too so maybe start putting together a mixtape. Fuck it Imma fuck around and put out 3 more tapes before the year end just cuz I wanna get the music out. Yeah thats what I'm Bout to do. Just to show everyone the full body of work but still continue to drop Videos every week so that could be a strategy. Fuck it Imma do it. Ain't no use just sitting on this shit. We about to go out and drop amazing projects and do amazing videos and keep putting out tons of content. Yeah that is IT. That is what I'm gonna do. I got a Warm Up project called "The Goat Package" I'm about to drop and push and do videos to... TImes ups. Glad I did this cuz it gave me motive to make moves.

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