Daily Observations 10.16.2020

Back up in the office doing some work. Editing, Lining up plays. I feel like i was just in here because I was. I left the studio at 5am went home now I am back here. Well it is what it is. It has been a good day so far. Had a session and lined up some plays. Now I am in here figuring out the next play. Actually I think I am gonna go thru some music to put out on a project and line up some new songs for tomorrow's group session. I want to do something different. So I am gonna think a bit outside the box and try some new stuff. Also I want to start editing the Fast Pass Video and finish up the edits on this COLD CASE video and other videos we have been working on. I am in here doing what I do for the love of music and the art of making things better. An Artist. What is an artist? what does that mean? how do we create art? What is art? I remember reading something about creativity. Creativity is taking a few known ideas and concepts and merging them together to make something new. I don't know I think a may have said that wrong but I remember when I was introduced to that idea. That is what I do when I construct a verse or a song. I take a few different ideas and put it together to make something new and boom wahlaa. It comes out dope. I remember watching some shit about being a CEO and it said that running a company is basically like beaing a firefighter. You spend your days putting out fires. Is that true? maybe? Do i feel it? maybe just a little bit. Hey I just want to be great. I honestly do feel the love and support from the people that respect and watch what i do. Honestly I just pick up what I learned from the great people before and build on that. I do what I do because I want to live life to the fullest I guess. I guess i do what i do because god gave me a talent and blessing and it is my responsibility to share it with the world and make it better. Okay times up.. see yall later

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