Daily Observations 10.20.2020

Woke up at 8am today, worked out, took a cold shower, and hung out with my kids while eating breakfast this morning before getting to the office. This pic was taking during the meeting we had lining up all the business we have to take care of and structuring how we are going to operate. I admit I was a bit out of it because I changed up my pattern a bit but I feel better because I know its good changes to progress. So Now I am sitting in the office typing this up trying to the flow to work again. I have stuff to edit and what not but it is a bit hard to get motivated. We have a lot of dope stuff coming and I want to be able to capitalize on the things we are doing. The main thing I am always trying to get is flow and vibes and rhythm because I feel once that inspiration hits to do something it is a great feeling I want to be in. So that is the reason for these 10 mins of writing non stop. So tomorrow we will be filming another episode of Yo Cashavelli / Mug Talk / Live Studio Performance. I am set to get here early in the office again to handle more work. Also we set a release schedule for all the music we have and we are going to get in the rhythm of putting out dope music. I guess the main thing for now is keep making the next play the best play. Staying balanced. Staying motivated. and stay working. We are also planning to shoot another video tomorrow. There is a lot of different things I want to do but at the same time staying focused on building this company. We are in the stages on of really breaking down the nuts and bolts of the business and it is a little bit excited and a challenge to tackle this but hey how else are we going to be great. Let us be great. Let us live that dream. This are just my thoughts. This work right here is why we are always moving and progress. It takes a lot for me to sit and do these meetings. I just wanna make music and turn up. I know that is not gonna get me anywhere. It is all this other stuff that makes the machine move. One day I will be in position to put other people in position to do this business stuff while I work on my craft but in the meantime I will handle the double duty and I am cool with that. I have never been a complainer. I figure out what needs to be done to get to the next level and then i do it. Times up.

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