Daily Observations 10/27/20

Got back into the office at 8am today and I am pretty proud of myself. I couldn't sleep because my mind kept thinking and planning so I was like I should just ride the wave and make it happen. That is what I am doing. I am excited to announce my new projects. I am just very grateful that I found the inspiration to take the first step in making my thoughts into reality. It is a combination of artistic creativity and creative business acumen. I feel it is very challenging to balance being an artist and being an astute business man but through time and experience I've learned to navigate those realms to the best of my ability. You know what? I am Just going to keep on writing and writing to feel the flow. That is what this is all about. Let's not get distracted on what we need to do. We have to stay focused and consistent on what we need to do. I was dropping videos every week but there wasn't much of a strategy so I want to try dropping projects every other month in addition to the music videos and content to promote the project. The goal of this new stream of thought is to build an audience and build a culture through my music. I want to make it as simple as possible and create the proper presentation for all of my upcoming projects. I want to show everyone that I can create cohesive, concise, and thoughtful albums that clear get my point across. Greatness Opportunity Leverage Drive. I'm just here doing what I can do and just being a enthusiast about the art I present to the world. Something I realized is that anything I put my mind to and my energy towards I can be very successful at it So I might as well get to working and start doing what I do.

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