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Daily Observations 10.30.20

DAILY OBSERVATIONS✍🏽 it’s 4am and I’m still in the office working, planning, and organizing the next plays for this music. I am really excited about the next wave of music we are releasing . We are gonna announce the next project on Monday Nov 9th! I need to have the project turned into the label by Nov 6th so now there’s a little pressure or I would like to say motivation to go ahead and finish it. I had a realization that I need to focus on releasing amazing music and create a vibe while doing it. This next project is all about Vibez. It is a story with a message and a meaning. It’s really time for me to step up and put out these Vibez because I know it will inspire and motivate others to be the best versions of themselves. I am excited because tomorrow is going to be the first studio session in completing the project so I have to have my game on point as an artist and that I will do. I am really excited because of the whole roll out of the record is going to be amazing and I have a good feeling it is what needs to be done in order to take everything to the next level. This is it. I feel it is my responsibility to make it happen and to lay the blueprint of success. It is going to create the formula of our success and it will build the platform for many artist after me. Cashavelli Music!!! #chriscash #cashavelli #cashavellimusic

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