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Daily Observations 11.06.20

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✍🏽Daily Observations⚡️ 

Here it is the NEW single primed and ready for launch! I am very proud of the whole team at Cashavelli Music. We work very hard to create the BEST moments we can. We don’t know it all and we are not perfect be strive to do the best work we can. Through that journey we learned to become better. We come better communicators, have more patience , and become better overall people. That has to be the greatest reward in doin what we do is that we are all bond together through common goal of becoming great and creating art through love. I love how we progress and strive to be better every year. I feel as long as that continues we will forever WIN. We are winning. Non of these numbers mean anything. We just want to create and be the best we can be. I am really excited to launch this single because we have a whole plan with a video that is gonna drop along with it but never mind all that. I am here now posting to let you know that we do this because someone inspired us to be better and through our art we will pay it forward to inspire as the future orators of our generation and I uphold that Position to the greatest record and applaud and artist who embarks on this challenging journey. All the success we have gotten thus far is thru sheer hard work and sacrifice. I am very thankful and grateful for everyone who has been a part of our journey at it continues And it will continue to move as long as we choose it too. I feel like I’ve been writing awhile but I’m not goin to stop u til the 10minute timer is up so yeah.. what next?!? Oh there is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ON MONDAY!!! We have tons a dope stuff lined up and it’s time to knock me down. Already!! It’s Cashavelli Music!! Chain Gang Mob Squad!! All dayyyyyyy yesssssiirrr Squuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeahhhhh Drop some emojis if you rockin with the movement goooooo!!! 

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