Daily Observations

That's the look I give when people be capping. LOL. Wow, so I started doing these for 3 days then stopped and now picking it back up a month later. Oh well. Today I really feel a lot better about staying on point with the things I need to stay on point with. I am dedicating myself to put out a lot of great content. I am really enjoying creating this new podcast and show / channel / network. We do a lot and I honestly love it. You gonna see a lot more of me. I will do my best to keep doing my writing exercise. Plus I want to start writing movie scripts so this is good practice I guess. It is just all about creativity. I loved that I have created a place where creativity flourishes and that is the greatest reward for me. It's crazy how we have came back to do mug talk because last year we were doing mug talk and reaction video. Last year we made an executive decision and we were going after the numbers and stats so that is what we accomplished. When we did that, it honestly wasn't as fulfilling as what we would have thought. So this go round we decided to go for great amazing content and it has become a more fulfilling journey. I just want to create amazing art and amazing moments with amazing people. I want to always stay motivated and inspired to do stuff. I feel we are about to do that with what we are creating. The music we are making is great and it will keep getting better and so is our visuals. I love that we are building everything. It isn't easy at all but I really love doing it. I feel this is a calling for me to go harder. I feel it is my responsibility to do everything I can to make it to the next level and create better situations for us. I am just very grateful for my family and friends that are in my life and give there support and love. To keep it all the way real all I want to do is turn up have fun and kick it but doing something I love like music and videos. I would say play basketball and sports too but damn virus crap still got us locked down but it's slowing letting up but the year is almost over and it's about to be holiday season and music dropping season. I'm excited.

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