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Daily Observations 2.11.21

Heeyyyy good to hear from you all lol. Yeah I know I ain't posted and a few days that is because I have been resting. Went hard for the superbowl and my body was telling me yo you gotta rest and that is exactly what I did. After this I have to get on the phone and do what I do. I feel like I am behind now but hey when your body needs rest it needs rest. Health is wealth right. So it's time to go get it and that is what I am gonna do today. I have been watching a lot of movies as I was resting and that is a good way for me to unwind. I guess now as I sit here in the office I am thinking of the next play. But what if there is no play? what if the play is already in motion? I don't know I'm just playing. I am just typing the first things that come to my mind. So we have tons of music and now it is time to get them out. What is the best way? soundcloud? spotify? youtube? i guess it doesn't matter. I guess it is time to just put out content. That is all it is anyways. It is that simple. Don't need to complicate anything. Make dope shit and put it out. Turn up and have fun. Make amazing music and vibes. Well okay since that is what should I talk about? Oh how about how i was hella Lit this weekend. Geez. I remember getting hella lit like that for a living. Oh the Vegas Life. I feel things are starting to open back up and then it is back to what we were doing. I was doin what we were doing so no real change for me. Just how I react to the world I guess. I don't know. I just feel I need that one key to really open everything up but then again it is gonna go crazy so let me just enjoy the ride as I am riding it and appreciate the journey because and goal and anything I set my mind to will happen. What else? oh just make amazing music. That is what it is. Make dope amazing music that people will appreciate and that is what I am going to do and will do so you already know what it is and how we will make it happen. Oh and have fun. Lol every time i say that i feel the voice of little league or some shit like that. Have fun. It's crazy because the most fundamental things in life are the most valuable and important. Learned that when I started having babies. A grown human aint no different than a baby fundamentally. We all need to Eat, Sleep, and Shit otherwise we gon cry lol. Time up. Love yall.

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