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Daily Observations 2.4.21

Bloggin and Vloggin and basically just putting out content is the key I guess. I guess my goal is to stay consistent in putting content

out and consist

ently doing it. That is the whole goal of these new exercises. I am actually very proud of the work I am doing so that is the reason I am motivated to climb this metaphoric mountain. Oh and because I want to document the journey. So far everyday I get into the studio. I have produced a beat and wrote, recorded and mixed a song. The next step is when you all get to see me do videos and shows and interviews and all that cool stuff. Oh and when the world opens back up and we can start travelling that will be cool too. I guess I am just practicing this new art so that it won't be weird later. It will just be normal. Oh he vloggin. oh he just doin what he does so t

hat is what I am going to do. This new found energy is amazing. It is what I crave. I need some type of inspiration or motivation and learning new skills and talents is what gets me there. I was telling the guys at the studio that I want to create the New Renaissance where we have a bunch of talented people that are able to do a bunch of different things and excel at it. It really is for the art. It is also because I love to turn up and have fun so why not? Why not enjoy everything that life has to offer? That's what it is. So through art and my passion is how I want to live life. Come on man I live in Vegas. I said that in a rhyme. It's ironic how sin city be so heaven sent. So the objective is to show yall the steps it took to be great. You can see I am in the studio, but not just saying i'm there I am actually working and churning out and producing music. I am seeing people also stuntin on the gram hahaha it's funny but I can't be the one that is like I am too busy actually working to post. Naw I should work and post. I should out work everyone because that is part of the game. The game is complex but simple at the same time. Individual pieces are simple but together we can make it more complex. ooop 10mins is up... love yall...

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