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Daily Observations 2.5.2021

Here it is. What did I hear the other day? Being a professional is doing the things we love doing on the days we don't feel like doing it. Yeah that is it. I did not go running today. I did get rest though. I felt I should have but oh well. Yesterday was a really good day because it just flowed and we progressed and accomplished the things we set out to do and that is always good. So today is another day. I am excited to get it and make it happen. I was about to say something not necessarily negative but I am gonna refrain from doing that because thoughts and words are things. Whatever we say we give power to what we are talking about. It is like that saying average people talk about people and great people talk about ideas. That is all I want around me is the discussion of great ideas. When I was on the radio and doing media it was a point to bring up some sort of celebrity gossip and I never liked doing it. I always would be motivating and energetic there because that is who I am. However, I took all that and now applied to my music business and my company. I love being about to do what I do and also seeing the progression. I am documenting it through words and through video and in a sense through audio. It is just a journey I choose to embark on and it is something I love doing. Again this is an exercise to be able to articulate my ideas in this form. So when things happen I am able to tell the story properly and engage with yall most effectively. One thing is crazy is that english and reading and writing were my least favorite subjects in school. Maybe because they made us cover material I did not care about. The moment I realized we can learn anything and that most likely someone has written about it or recorded something about it I know it was ON and POPPIN lol. What a time to be alive. I'm dedicating myself to life of greatness and happiness and joy. Delayed gratification leads to greatness. times up. love yall.

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