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Daily Observations 2.6.21

It is time for another writing session. Mind elevation and also being able to be expressive is important. I am always on a quest for inspiration and motivation and sometimes just having fun. I do ask myself from time to time. What am I doing that will change the world? or, am I sparking the mind that will change the world? What am I doing? and is it meaningful? Without getting too deep. I am just very excited about creating more music and promoting the music we have. I just can't help it. I love to do what I do. I invest my time and my money into what I do so I take it very seriously. This is my world that I have created. I appreciate everyone that is in this world and are excelling and enjoying all the fruits of it. It is an amazing feeling to me. Brings me back to when I was hella young always listening to my headphones and just being in another world. I have created that world. Cashavelli the Creator. Ain't nobody greater. People try to simulate it but it just aint it. I am going to keep pushing the narrative forward and keep putting out amazing content. That is what that is and that is what it is gonna be. So yesterday we did an Impromptu MugTalk. People felt like talking and talking in the office and I'm like fuck that lets just put it all on mug talk. No reason to be here talking about this and that and we ain't getting any content from it. Let's make it happen and that is what we will do. You already know what it is and what is going to happen. We are just going to keep creating. The next month is pretty crucial. A lot of things are about to happen and go up and I want to make sure to capitalize on everything. A lot of plays happening and I'm excited to make it happen. I feel it in my bones. However, it is what it is. I still don't change. I just keep grinding and keep doing what we do. Slowly just going to the next level. Then to the next then to the next and so forth. I have seen tremendous progress every year so that assures me that we are going in the right direction. I am not perfect and we are just figuring it out. I don't have all the answer but you know for sure I am going to strive everyday till it is clear. It is all good. We can make all these moves and really make things happen and that is what we will do. Time is up. I love yall.

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