Daily Observations

Back in the office putting in the work that I know needs to be done. I had a great weekend. We shot the music video for Fast Pass and I am really happy with the clips that were taken. I am very proud and grateful for my team. Without the people around me pushing none of this will happen. We are all on a mission to be living our dream and it is truly amazing. I feel like I have to challenge myself everyday to get a little better. Just figure out something I want to get better at and handle it. I am very happy where I am at and at the same time strive to become better and just live an amazing life. Have fun and handle business. I really enjoy my sunday's too because thats when I get to just hang out with my kids and family. I also started back up a new regime and started rehearsing first thing and then writing these observations. I notice that we all need balance in the world. We gotta find a way to stay balanced to keep it moving. What I really enjoy is taking on challenging projects and accomplishing them. This writing assignment that I do as often I can really helps my idea flow a little better. I guess the main thing we do here at Cashavelli Music is storytelling. We are story tellers. We create amazing things. I am a creator. I want to take everything to the next level and allow us to accomplish great things. I dont know what else to say but i gotta keep flowing for the whole ten minutes. It is all about completion and finishing things up and getting the job done. Also getting the Job done over and over and over again. Constantly beating on our craft. Repetition is the father of learning right. I was watching something on Elon Musk yesterday and one thing that stuck out was that he runs 2 big companies and splits about 45 hours each company a week and he said that about 80 percent of the time is spent on design. He said the media has a misconception of him thinking he be doing a bunch of businessy stuff but he said that is not the case. I be looking at things like that and applying it to my situation. It is motivating me to spend a majority of my time in shaping the sound. I am a shaper. I am a creator. I was reading another book by Ray Dalio and he just talked about what a shaper is but my 10 mins is up so im out!! thank you if you read this and if you did lets have an amazing day, week, month, life!!!!!

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