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Daily Observations 3.15.21

Okay it is Monday and I am in the office getting ready to line up the next plays. It has been a very eventful past couple weeks. Reason why I havent been writing this but today I am on it and this is what I am doing. Got to hit the phone and make plays. Also getting ready to release some more music and shoot more videos. The name of the game is content right? Also, just found some pics I can post so we can do that. You know what it is. I am just in here looking for some inspiration and motivation to do what is going to be done. I am in here. Figuring it out. Half the battle is showing up when you don't want to. That's what it is. I am excited to get into the studio and work though. I love creating. I do what I do so I can create. It is crazy because all the other stuff I do is to make my art better. The whole world is my library and I use it to create my art. I love what I do. I really love my family and spending time with them. That is truly a joy for me. I work so hard because I want me and my family to have the highest quality of living. I feel that comes with a higher purpose or a higher drive. Money is just a tool. If you are controlled solely by money then you are a tool. What it is is that you gotta do what makes you happy. It's about happiness right? It's about creating something. It is about whatever you want it to be. I'm just saying what it is for me. Staying positive and motivated is a job in itself. Okay okay not sure what else to write about but I have to keep writing for 10 minutes without stopping. I wanna write a book. I want to write a screenplay and make a movie. I just want to do dope shit. I want to go play basketball actually. Haven't done that in a while. I was listening to a podcast earlier and the guy was talking about working out. When you don't do it you dread it. Once you get in the groove of it you dread missing it. I guess that is the same thing about what we do. It is about getting into the groove and the rhythm of things. There is a rhythm of everything. Making Calls, office work, filming , writing, whatever it is you want to do you have to get into the zone and then that is where great work flourishes. This 10 minute writing is my attempt to get into it and it's up.

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