• Chris Cash

Daily Observations 9/1/2020

In the office today at 830am and back on my routine. I know I have been slacking on these daily observations but I am back. You know life just be happening so we just ride it. I am on it right now. I went out of town recently and started wanting new goals. Still on the same mission but sometimes you have to keep reminding yourself certain things. I read in a book that this practice is never ending. That is just part of me. Always striving for the next thing or challenge. I am truly blessed and grateful to be in the position that I am. I want to continue to do great work. I am addicted to working. So now we have a tv show and channel which is very exciting to go along with all the music we've been creating and all the videos we have been producing. I am in the space now of really making everyone grow and become better as a team. I enjoy doing what I do and want to take everything to the next level so I have to push myself harder. I have been on chill mode I guess. I can push myself harder and I will. I enjoy the challenge. I enjoy excelling. I enjoying winning because I enjoy the journey and the sacrifice it took to win.

Okay enough of that stuff I want to start preparing for the day. This is my 10 minute writing excercise and I am letting my thoughts go. So I want to work on the website and make that the main hub of all our content and information. I have to work hard to maintain it and grow it at the same time never lose focus on the principles that got me here. I really love creating things. I love creating music, videos, and businesses. I love creating amazing experiences. I love sharing these moments. I am a little rusty with this writing but that is okay because i took the first step in doing it. I will continue to become the best at what I do and make moves. For today I have to make business calls, shoot a video, get in the studio and plan out the next plays. It's exciting to see what is going to unfold. 10 mins is up. See yall tomorrow. If you read this whole thing. wow thank you. Let me know somehow.

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