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Lakers Vs 76ers PICK

Neither one of these teams is particularly great at defending the rim. Despite the presence of Joel Embiid, the 76ers are allowing teams to shoot 65.2% at the rim, which ranks 17th in the NBA. Conversely the Lakers allow opponents to shoot 65.7% at the rim, which ranks 21st.

The Sixers also rank 24th in transition defense, an area where the Lakers, when motivated, can push the pace and score points. The Sixers have struggled at times this season with teams that can get out in transition.

Lastly, the 76ers (fourth) and Lakers (11th) rank high in the NBA in Free Throw Attempt Rate, according to NBA Advanced Stats. Embiid, who is like the center version of James Harden, should be able to draw fouls against this Lakers defense, which ranks near the bottom of the league in opponent free throw rate.


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