MNF: Browns Vs Steelers Pick

The Browns are coming off a couple of gut-wrenching losses the previous two games, falling 16-14 against the Las Vegas Raiders at home in Week 15 and falling 24-22 against the Green Bay Packers on the road on Christmas. Cleveland played the Raiders game extremely shorthanded in a game pushed back two days due to COVID issues within the team. They were still forced to use third-string QB Nick Mullens, who has since been returned to the practice squad, and lost on a field goal at the buzzer. On Christmas, the Browns hung with MVP candidate QB Aaron Rodgers, but lost again by just two points. It still hasn't eliminated the Browns from the playoffs, but they're hanging on by a thread. The past three losses have been one-score games.

The Steelers are also hanging on by a thread, and this game is essentially an elimination game. The loser is all but eliminated from the AFC playoff picture, more so if it is Cleveland. Pittsburgh is mathematically alive depending on Sunday's results, but the Black and Gold would likely rather not test that. This also is expected to be QB Ben Roethlisberger's final home game at Heinz Field, so the emotions are expected to be running high.

Last season, the Browns won an AFC wild-card game at the confluence, stunning Big Ben and the Steelers. It seems even more unlikely this season, as the Browns just seem to be slipping gears and not hitting on all cylinders. Of course, neither are the Steelers, and it's likely neither of these teams really deserve a crack at a playoff spot, but they might find their way there anyway.


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